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About Paragon Culture and Conference

The 4th Space for Creativity

Paragon Culture aspires to be the 4th Space for Creativity for everyone. Beyond home, office and social spaces, Paragon Culture is the alternative and aspiring venue for Creativity offering a spacious and comfortable space with contemporary, stylish and artistic design.

As unique and dynamic venue, Paragon Culture inspires the mind, soul or well being for people from all walks of life or executives to stimulate creativity, productivity and enhance vitality.

Paragon Culture also aims to help realize the mission in developing people through the admiration of creativity, knowledge and the application of the wisdom. The creation of the venue recognizes the founder’s vision in promoting people-centric learning, with the prime emphasis on cultivating individual values in personal, family, organization as well as societal dimensions. This makes Paragon Culture an inspiring place with renewing and enlightening energy whether for a seminar, corporate event, meetings or social activities.

An Ideal Place for Corporate Trainings, Workshops, Meetings

The flexible setting of the venue and state-of-art technical facilities is an ideal place for corporate training workshops, events and activities in which participants are energized for creative mind work and stimulating discussions.

An Elegant Place for Artistic and Cultural Events

The elegant design of the venue with balcony and natural sunlight is perfect for artistic and cultural events such as exhibitions, talks and sharing gatherings to take place. Special decorations can be tailored to the required style of the event. 

A Refreshing Place for Friends’ Gatherings

With friendly, warm service and refreshing ambience, the venue is perfect for meeting old and new friends over a cup of coffee, sharing ideas and enjoying memorable moments of life.

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