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Workshop- Mindset and Behaviour Change: A Guiding Map

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Speaker: Paul Falconer

For whom

You should join if

  • You are deeply interested in knowing how to change (personal, social and systemic) behaviour, in a way that is fast and sustainable.
  • You enjoy digging deeper into the mechanics of human behaviour.
  • You want to learn how to skillfully maintain a positive mindset when things aren't going well.
  • You want to know how to create and work with new, emergent patterns of being and behaviour.  

For talent and learning development professionals, coaches, trainers, sustainability professionals, social innovators and anyone who is interested in changing behaviour for a sustainable future.

Overview and objective

"How do we change behaviour and know that the change is in the right direction?" These questions took Paul Falconer 15 years' of deep research and practice to discover answers to that he feels are coherent and complete enough to share with the world.

The result of his search is a Map of Mindset that integrates Attitude, Identity, Pathology, within an evolving Context.

Context interacting with mindset creates behaviour. To figure out how to change behaviour in peacefully, positively, and in ways that stick, it is necessary to know what mindset is - its mechanics, how to work skillfully with it, and understand the ever evolving context in which we operate.

In this workshop, we will

  • Examine how behaviour is created.
  • Share with you a Map of Mindset that brings clarity to how to change behaviour faster and in ways which stick.  
  • See why Mindset Mastery is growing in importance as the world around us is getting ever more complex and challenging.
  • Introduce a 6-session course where you will go with us on a learning journey about Mindset and Behaviour Change on personal, social and systemic levels.

Date 22 of July, 2014 (Tue)
Time: 7:15-9:45pm
Language: English
Cost: HK$250 per person, HK$200 per person for a group of 3 or more people, HK$50 for full-time students
Venue: Paragon Culture, 23rd Fl, The Pemberton, 22-26 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, MTR Exit A2

Queries: Please contact Yan Liu at 6702 7084 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Speaker Paul Falconer

Paul is an experienced mindset and identity coach, and a devoted social innovator. He is praised by his clients as the Mindset Master for his profound knowledge of this subject and ability to transform through his coaching and mentoring approach. Paul's teaching model successfully integrates a wide spectrum of disciplines - spirituality and enlightenment, psychology, mindset, integral theory, design thinking, sustainability and global systems theory.
Paul is the co-founders of - a coaching,training and consulting social business offering programs on Mindset and Behaviour Change, Global Systems Theory and Social Innovation.
Paul is currently VP of Coach Development of Hong Kong International Coaching Community, and assistant organizer of HKCO-HK's Largest Personal Growth Network.
To know more about Paul, you can read his story here:
To know more about, please visit the Facebook Page:




"I met Paul in 2010, where he coached me on Skype, him in China and me in South Africa, at the time I was in a Toxic career, blamed everyone for my misfortune and was completely stuck. Through Paul's Mindset Mastery program, he guided me to a life that I have always desired. I have been practicing the skills I learnt from him to date. Today I work with people I enjoy, I am focused and clear on my goals and aspirations. In turn now, I am starting to mentor clients on these amazingly simple techniques.
Change your way of reacting to the world and you change your life!
Truly a remarkable man!"
In gratitude, Brenda Scott

"Masterminding with Paul provided me with powerful mental models and the peer support I needed to take the big step of starting my own business after being in full employment for over 10 years. I applied what I had learned about mindset to stay open, relaxed and curious. As a result I made big life and career changes while remaining empowered and in control of the process I was going through.

Through our ongoing conversations I also became more deeply aware of the issues of sustainability and my impact on the bigger context, and more importantly, the systemic impact on my life, success and well-being. I highly recommend joining a mastermind with Paul and Yan. If you appreciate the cumulative impact of generative and critical conversation in a trusting environment and want to be challenged and provoked into new ways of thinking and behaving it is a journey worth taking. Paul and Yan will help you discover new insight into what it means to live a masterful and meaningful life. I applaud their partnership and the important work they are doing in the world."
Brent Schmidt, President of Strategic Fuel, Canada

"After participating in a 'Conversations That Change the World' mastermind group with Paul, I decided to continue my personal and professional development in an one-on-one context. Firstly, we continued the conversation on Paul's integral theory of mindset and the social and global systemic challenges we face. Secondly, I brought forward my own topics of interest such as Capacity Building, Thoughts and Thinking etc...

I treasure the open space that allows us to step into some critical, challenging and difficult conversations. It is important for me, in particular as a coaching practitioner-researcher, to be aware of my assumptions and self-deceptions. The sessions flow freely, are creative and reflective, and at the same time highly logical and critical. The beauty of these conversations is that it allows thoughts to dance and bounce. The thinking process during each conversation emerges and develops into new areas. I enjoy discovering myself and the social realities through the mastermind conversation with Paul. He is the Pearl of Hong Kong."
Bonnie Chan, Executive coach, (Past) President of the Hong Kong International Coaching Community

"I met Paul at a time when I felt stuck; life felt empty and meaningless. Through coaching with Paul, I came to see how my own negative mindset was shaping my feelings, thoughts, and behaviour. Needless to say, I experienced a massive transformation. I now feel much more relaxed and in tune with my identity; I understand who I am and what my purpose is. Paul provided me with an integral map to personal development. This enabled me to understand and apply the various aspects of mindset, skills development, and context to my life.

I currently participate in a weekly mastermind with Paul and Yan. We investigate the relationship between mindset, behaviour and systems. It's our goal to influence and change behaviour toward a more sustainable future. I'm enjoying the conversations and the mastermind is helping me work more effectively in the field of sustainability and social innovation. Personal mastery and empowerment allows me to engage meaningfully with the 'wicked problems' of global sustainability and behavioral innovation."
Simon Inglis: Life coach & Founder of Simon's Garden, South Africa


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