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Mr Noel Wong

Mr Noel Wong

Living a passionately dedicated "Watch Life" for more than ten years, Mr. Noel Wong is a renowned watch expert. He previously held the position of Managing Director, Asia Pacific, of A.Lang & Sohne. He was also Vice President of Shanghai Xin Yu Watch & Clock Group Ltd, the largest watch and clock retail group in Greater China. Mr. Wong's experience also spanned the auction sphere when he was Head of Watches Department, China and Southeast Asia of Sotheby's Hong Kong.

Before joining the watch industry, Mr. Wong was a television and newspaper journalist and a war correspondent in Pakistan right after 911.

Mr. Wong has made a significant contribution to popular branded watches and to bringing the watchmaking culture to a more consumer-friendly level through writing columns for newspapers and magazines in Mainland China and Hong Kong. Recently, he has published his first book "The Journey of Collecting Watches - From Passion to Vision".

黃英飛先生曾於電視台和報章從事新聞工作,911恐怖襲擊後,被派往巴基斯坦採訪;後來轉戰鐘錶界,曾擔任三寶鐘錶珠寶集團市場部經理,蘇富比中國及東南亞區鐘錶部主管、內地最大規模鐘錶集團上海新宇鐘錶集團有限公司副總裁、朗格亞太區董事總經理;現為資深鐘錶專家。黃英飛先生愛錶惜錶超過十年,其錶評廣見於中國大陸及香港多份報章雜誌,他最愛將複雜及精湛的機芯,以風趣幽默的筆觸介紹給愛錶人士,讓鑑賞名錶普及化,並於 2011年出版其首本著作《藏錶養智》,藉此興同好遊歷鐘錶世界。