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Mr Wang is currently a Senior Adviser at McKinsey & Company.

Mr Wang concluded his 36 – year banking career in 2009, after his role as the President of China Minsheng Bank ( 2006 – 2009 ), the first and presently the only privately owned commercial bank in China, now ranked eighth nationwide, with assets in excess of USD400 billion and a total of 30,000 staff across a branch network of more than 400 outlets. He was instrumental in the Bank’s successful expansion into retail banking, as well as SME business in recent years.

Prior to his role in a domestic bank in China, Mr Wang had an admirable career with HSBC, most notably as the CEO and Head of China Business ( 1992 – 2002 ). He was a pioneer in China business, leading HSBC to becoming by far the largest foreign bank in China. Under his leadership, HSBC commenced full-fledged retail banking and launched its Premier banking service. Mr Wang was subsequently seconded to the United States, to help establish an Asian Market franchise while continuing to promote HSBC’s capabilities in China.

Mr Wang has recently published three books ( in Chinese language ) sharing his banking experiences. He writes special articles for a prominent financial magazine in Hong Kong and gives frequent appearances on local TV and radio programs.