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Paul Falconer

Paul Falconer

I work as an international  coach, consultant, philosopher, futurist and social innovator. I've recently joined the Paragon Culture team as a program director and in-house coach, and have been appointed the VP of Coach Development for the HK International Coaching Community (HKICC).

What excites and motivates me most is the deep belief in idea that we really are the architects of our future, and not it's victims. But this also means that a significant number of us are really going to need to wake-up to new levels of personal mastery and community involvement.

I was born and attended school and university in South Africa, but have lived for the past 13-years principally in Asia. I studied law convinced that I would spend my life defending the criminal rights of South African citizens, but instead, after completing my degree, worked in the family owned construction business as a project director. Later I founded and managed a group of companies, in Johannesburg, specializing in the interior design, project management and the fit-out of corporate offices, and staff training and development.

In 2000, quite spontaneously and suddenly, I changed my life's direction completely. After having gotten rid of almost every single physical possession I owned, I packed a very small bag and moved to India. And so began a rather intense and emotional personal growth journey into spirituality, enlightenment, yoga, psychological development, and most recently into systems, sustainability and socio-cultural evolution - i.e. the future.

Over the years I have taught students, coached and mentored clients from around the world. And what began as a person awakening soon developed into a fascination with the future and a deep commitment to my own ongoing learning, and to working out how I may more intentionally collaborate in creating a socially responsible and sustainable future.

During this time I met and married my Hong Kongese wife, Christina, in Taiwan. Just over 2-years ago we moved to Hong Kong with our two young girls, Sita and Radha, after having spent several years living in a small town in the mountains of South Africa with my parents. We did this so that they would have the opportunity to get to know and come to love their new daughter in-law and young grand-children.

And so begins a new journey in a new country.